Arali Ventures

Arali Ventures is a pre-seed and seed venture capital that created and nurtured relationships with founders. Arali’s website served the purpose but they wanted to upgrade. Cope worked with Arali Ventures to give them a minimal yet functional website. The word Arali in Kannada meant to blossom and that needed to be reflected in the website.

Industry: Venture Capital

Location: Bangalore

Key Metric 1

Revamped the website to be precise in communication

Key Metric 2

Created a visual language that reflected the values of the firm

Key Metric 3

Enhanced the presentation of content on the website

The Challenge

Arali had done a lot of amazing work in the past but the important ones were not highlighted on the website. We did not want the website to be yet another site filled with heavy information, but we had to deliver a very powerful message with lighter content.

The Approach

We made the most out of the power of visual language in conveying a message. We let the design do the heavy lifting and words highlight the important details.

The Solution

  1. A touch of nature

Arali’s name and logo were derived from nature. It was only ideal that the website also reflected the same. We made some pretty geometrical nature illustrations and added them to our website.

  1. Calmer colours

Arali’s brand colour was a dark red, but showing it on the website gave a mood that was the exact opposite to calm and refreshing. We built a colour palette with lighter shades of colour that bridged the message and pre-existing logo.

  1. Content hierarchy

We worked on content placement in a way that it is crisp, clean and easy to read, making sure the important information was not lost. We made minor additions like adding social media profiles of the team to effectively communicate.

  1. No-code platform